About Integrasindo Mitra Sejati

PT Integrasindo Mitra Sejati is a company that dedicated to be excellent in the areas of system integration, software licensing and IT Solutions. As seen in the website, we consider IT solution as an art, finding the best design and implementation tailored for each unique business.

With our technical staff is well versed in serving the needs of our clients, with experience in design and implementation of both turn-key replacement systems as well as conversion projects that utilizing substantial amounts of existing equipment.

Integrasindo Mitra Sejati was formed by a group of innovative and talented individuals with the mission to assist enterprises to achieve their organizational and business objectives through information technology solutions.




Virtualization Specialist

Do you want to put Service Virtualization to work for your organization? Integrasindo can help! We have services in place to help you get the most out of this exciting solution!


Unified Server System

Manage your Server Systems under one roof. Use our Unified Server System solution that is designed and configured to work together effectively.


WAN Optimization

Effective WAN Optimization can improve the way your business operates, your WAN can handle more data, connect more locations and operate at higher speeds, enabling your workforce to collaborate in real time.