Storage virtualization is the process by which the data from multiple network storage devices are grouped together to form a single storage device. By adopting this type of approach you can easily take advantage of the available virtual data center technology for covering and abstracting the functions of a network storage device to function free from its host server or host application. This helps you to bring in a network independent storage management. Unless you go for the present day advances in the virtualization technology you have to put up with the hardships involved in conventional data storage.The advantages of storage virtualization are many and you can go for easy back up, archiving and recovery of data in a fast time-saving manner. This helps in building a simple storage area network without many complexities. The demands for high performance, scalability of the storage devices and on demand customized solutions to storage problems are critical in case of a storage virtualization system. With the present day virtualization technology it is now possible to a set of external storage devices that give the right type of provisioning, with a higher degree of replication with easy and logical partitioning with a wholesome virtual server support.

It is to be noted that the virtualization solution offers many benefits to the end user. The virtualization technology is able to successfully separate the logical views of the storage requirements from the physical assets required on-site. When your business tends to use cloud storage as a way of storage virtualization you can expect to achieve the right type of cost advantage, peak performance, complete reliability and ready availability that exactly matches with the requirements of the application on hand.

The virtualization technology of the present days has the capability to

  • Deploy multi- tiered storage solutions that can be scaled up or down to any level in a seamless way
  • For easy integration of different types of storage systems so that you can easily take advantage of  the best of each of them
  • Rationalize and bring complete consolidation of storage management process in your business
  • Find and make use of any hidden resources for extra stability and security in the data management systems

For a business with substantial dependence on IT infrastructure, virtual data center offers many business advantages like

  • Substantial increase in  capital savings by  helping you avoid investments in elaborate data systems
  • Lower operational costs as there is no necessity for maintaining   your own dedicated data center  for your business
  • Improvement in centralized management of data with high storage visibility
  • Ability to have always available data storage systems
  • Eliminating all types of Service interruptions helping you a higher degree of service continuity even during grave disasters
  • Easy scalability giving you substantial control over the storage infrastructure perfectly in tune with your business requirements

Due to these reasons a virtualization technology based environment is able to offer the right mix of convenience, availability and easy manageability taking all the problems associated with a conventional data storage set up.

Today’s virtualization solution is so versatile that it can help any type of business to maintain high degree of data  storage and utility functional integrity so that the business can concentrate more on its business activities. This obviates the necessity for dedicated men and materials for just managing and maintaining an in-house datacenter. Some of the technical benefits available through storage virtualization are as follows:

  • Makes it simple to provide for storage and management of the business related data in a better way
  • Helps in determining the right level of storage management and  the type of storage needed for better management and utilization of the data
  • Helps in deciding as to the exact type of storage level management that is right for your business size
  • Helps in better utilization of the storage resources available to your business
  • Enables your business to get non-disruptive way of data migration to any new storage virtualization service providers at any time
  • Enables your business to get non-disruptive way of data migration to any new storage virtualization service providers at any time
  • Enhances new functionalities for the existing storage infrastructure
  • Helps the business to get better storage and retrieval performance and offers the better optimized performance of data storage systems
  • Helps in substantial cost saving for the data storage and management due to ability of thin provisioning
  • Enables the data managers to effect the best form of security by enhanced logical partitioning thereby  giving the easy way to determine the data access hierarchy
  • help in implementation of easy role based access to the data and effect audit logging

Due to all these it has now become necessary for any business to select the right type of virtualization technology so that you can take advantage of all the above and other virtualization solutions to your business. So, this is the right time for your business to move to the storage virtualization and enjoy the benefits of high security, easy and perpetual access all at a much reduced cost advantage to your business.